About us

Timplines Global, S.L was born as a small family business and since then the company has grown and expanded on a global level thanks to its commitment to quality and service excellence.

In 2015, Timplines Global opened its first foreign subsidiary in Brazil, Timplines Brasil. This market opening allows us to expand the scope of our services to a new market. Moreover in 2016 a second subsidiary was created in the United States, North America Timplines. It has led us to establish ourselves in the North American market and Mexico.

Despite our growth Timplines Global remains a family business where we value and respect the tradition and work quality committing ourselves to offer our customers the best services.

Timplines Global, S.L.

What we do

Nowadays, we are leaders in industrial maintenance.

With more than 50 years of experience, Timplines Global has been growing and expanding at international level. To this day we are one Business Group who operates in many countries as France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, The States, Brazil etc

We offer high quality service and efficiency to our clients, helping them to maintain their operations in the best conditions. We count on a highly-qualified and experienced team formed by technical experts and engineers in different areas of industrial maintenance.

In Timplines Global Business Group, S.L we value security, precision, efficiency and we put a lot of effort to update our techniques and teams and to implement sustainable practices in all our activities.

In Timplines Global Business Group, we are proud of our technical team, formed by highly skilled professionals and passionate about their job.

Each of them provides their expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of our company and our work to satisfy our clients.

Como lo hacemos
Timplines Global, S.L.

How we do it