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Timplines Global consolidates its position as the Timplines Global Business Group, a leading company in the industrial maintenance sector.

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29th May. A few months ago, the company announced the beginning of the transformation of its corporate identity. With this change now complete, the Timplines Global Business Group presents itself to its public with a new image and with all its companies unified and grouped together within the group.

 The main objective of this transformation is that the industrial sector can get to know the structure of the group, especially with regard to its organisation, as well as the companies that belong to it, without forgetting the wide range of work that has been carried out for more than 40 years in the sector of industrial process lines and in the coordination and execution of works.

Within the range of work carried out by Timplines Global Business Group, it is worth highlighting industrial design, mechanization and manufacture of machinery and elements, industrial maintenance, civil works, boilermaking and metal structures and industrial revamping.

For this, the Timplines Global Business Group has a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in each area of work.

At present, they already operate in more than 89 cities and have carried out more than 517 projects spread across all continents, both from their headquarters in Spain and through their two subsidiaries, Timplines America, which covers work in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and Timplines Brazil, which covers the rest of the countries on the American continent.