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ALONG, part of the Timplines Global Group of Companies, leads the industrial maintenance sector in large projects

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September 5, 2023 – ALONG, S.L., a leading company within the Timplines Global Business Group, has positioned itself as a benchmark in the field of industrial maintenance in large projects. Under the presidency of Arturo Sebastián and the executive management of Borja Sebastián, the company has demonstrated the importance of maintenance in the useful life of production equipment and machinery, with results of total satisfaction for its customers.

ALONG has a team of experts in various disciplines, such as civil works focused on the implementation of process lines, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies. This team is in charge of coordinating and executing the maintenance work required at each stage of the project.

In the words of its president “in Timplines Global we understand that industrial maintenance is a key factor to ensure the efficiency and durability of the equipment used in large projects” to which he added “our goal is to provide comprehensive maintenance solutions, anticipating possible failures and carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance tasks with efficiency and professionalism,”.

Timplines Global through its technical director Yon Sebastian has established a comprehensive and highly professional approach to industrial maintenance, which not only involves the care and repair of equipment, but also the implementation of preventive and predictive strategies. Timplines and ALONG’s team of experts constantly assess the condition of equipment, perform risk analysis and implement maintenance plans tailored to the needs of each project.