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Timplines Global Business Group: hydraulic power pack flushing experts revolutionize efficiency in industrial processes

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May 30, 2024 – In the world of industry, efficiency and precision are crucial to success. In this context, Timplines Global Group of Companies, a leading engineering and service company for hydraulic systems, has emerged as a powerhouse in the flushing of hydraulic power units (HP) of industrial process lines.

Timplines Global, with extensive experience and dedication to innovation and quality, has transformed the way companies in the industry approach the maintenance of their hydraulic systems.

Flushing at GH is an essential procedure to ensure that hydraulic systems run smoothly, removes contaminants and sediment, which improves component life and reduces the risk of potential failure.

Timplines engineers work closely with our customers to understand their needs and design a tailor-made flushing process, this ensures that GHs are optimally cleaned, resulting in higher efficiency and less downtime, as well as contributing to the sustainability and ongoing maintenance of the systems.

In the words of Arturo Sebastián, industrial technical engineer and president of the Timplines Global Business Group, “our technicians carry out a flushing from the GH, going through the entire piping installation and before reaching the machine we have baipases with keys to carry out a gradual pressure increase in the installation and to finish by creating water hammers to ensure that we take all possible residues to the filter”.

Once this work is done from Timplines Global, control standards and particles for this type of fluids are made, with these controls it is possible to know how much dirt is inside them, the main codes are ISO4406 and NAS1638 standard, the latter is the one that evaluates the level of contamination of liquids, counting particles in each 100 milliliters and separating them into five different size ranges ranging from 5 to those that are greater than 100 micrometers.

In an increasingly competitive industrial world, Timplines Global Group stands out as a company that drives hydraulic system performance and reliability through its customized approach and commitment to innovation. Its ability to revolutionize the flushing of hydraulic power packs has attracted the attention of leading companies seeking cutting-edge hydraulic solutions and engineering services.