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Timplines Euskadi: the new subsidiary of Timplines Global Business Group opens its doors in the Basque Country

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The Timplines Global Business Group takes another step in its expansion with the opening of Timplines Euskadi, a new subsidiary strategically located in the Basque Country.

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March 1, 2024. Timplines Global Business Group has taken another step in its expansion with the opening of a new subsidiary in the Basque Country, under the name of Timplines Euskadi. This new headquarters, located in Guipúzcoa, has as its main objective to provide a closer and more efficient service to all its customers in the area, mainly manufacturers of industrial machinery and process lines.

Timplines Euskadi will have a team of highly qualified technicians with extensive experience in the iron and steel sector with the purpose of providing support service either in pre-assembly or on-site assembly of machinery and process lines to companies in the sector.

In addition, Timplines Euskadi is committed to promoting local talent and contributing to the economic and technological development of the Basque Country, as well as to the creation of qualified employment in the sector.

In the words of its president “the opening of Timplines Euskadi is a significant step in our commitment to offer high quality to our customers, since this is where most of the projects we carry out around the world are born”, said Arturo Sebastian who added that “Euskadi is a region with great potential in the industrial field, and we are very happy to contribute to its economic and technological development and is a way to thank everything it has given us throughout the history of our company”.

In summary, the opening of Timplines Euskadi represents an important milestone in the expansion strategy of Timplines Global Business Group and a unique opportunity for the technological and economic development of the Basque Country.